Photo Gallery

"As Malik in Two Degrees"

"As Manuel in Barcelona"

"As Happy Lugo in Fallow"

"As Sergio, opposite Amy Brenneman in Mouth Wide Open"

As Ralph... having a smoke with the boy's and John C. Reilly in, "Marty"

Holding up Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Chicago"

Fabulation as Herve

Fabulation as Guy

Breezing on Belmont Parks Training Track at 15

West Side Story - in the middle as Bernardo

References To Salvador Dali Make Me Hot - as The Moon

Comedy of Errors - as Pinch

As Sgt. Nick Harris in Richard Vetere's "One Shot One Kill"

Sex & The City – taking a break with Kim Cattrall as “We” William

As Mjr. Hollander, taking a break with Kim Delaney between takes of "Army Wives"

A Hirshfeld of "On The Town"

A loving moment with Kate Suber in "On The Town"

As Charles in Part 1 of "East of Eden" directed by Jon Jory at Actors Theatre of Louisville

As Miguel in Edwin Sanchez's - "Diosa" at Hartford Stage

Humana Festivals, Premiering "Cloud Tectonic's" with Camillia Sanes as Anibal

As Pablo in "Mambo Kings" with Monica Salazar & Jaime Camil

Chita Rivera & I... opening nite of "Kiss Of The Spiderwoman"